Lawn Treatment Special

March 26, 2017 in Home, Services






Save 50% OFF 1st Lawn Treatment when you sign up for the Standard or Distinct Package. (New Customers Only)

Achieve the lush weed free lawn you always wanted with our lawn care program. Our program consists of pre emergent weed control, targeted weed control, spot treatments, and fertilization at key points during the year. We also offer treatments for disease, fungus, insect, and soil Ph problems.  Distinct Lawnscapes is a licensed and insured applicator.

Additional treatment services we offer: 

• Grub Control
• Summer Slow Release + Iron
• Summer Stress
• Fungus Preventative
• Soil Structure Amendment
• Bermuda Suppression
• Mole Control
• Deer Control
• Goose Control
• Flea & Tick
• Moisture Manager
• Mowing Reducer
• Winter Stress
• Winter Fungus Preventative
• Core Aeration
• Mechanical Dethatching
• Slice Seeding
• Organic Compost Top Dressing

License # MDA 30998 & MDA – F 0800